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The Fuzion language

example is

 squares := setOf ((1..10).map i -> i*i)
say "squares = $squares"
 1..10 | x ->
  if x squares
   say "$x in squares"
   say "$x not in squares"

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squares = {1;4;9;16;25;36;49;64;81;100}
1 in squares
2 not in squares
3 not in squares
4 in squares
5 not in squares
6 not in squares
7 not in squares
8 not in squares
9 in squares
10 not in squares

Curious? Try it out yourself!


Service packages are being defined.

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Standard Library Engineer (f/m/*)

You will be implementing and maintaining the standard library of the Fuzion programming language, including basic data structures, I/O and networking, interfaces to other libraries (GUI, AI, etc.). You will explore standard library approaches in other languages such as Rust, Java, Python, Haskell, C#, C/C++, Scala, Clojure etc. and define approaches most suitable to Fuzion.

Experience in different programming languages

Compiler and Static Analysis Engineer (f/m/*)

You will be working on the Fuzion language implementation. In particular, you will be working with the intermediate representation of Fuzion programs working on the compilation to machine code or the interpretation of Fuzion programs. You will implement framework for static analysis of Fuzion applications or modules that analyze certain correctness aspects of the code such as the absence of run-time errors. You will use the static analysis framework to implement optimizations for the generated code to boost the run-time performance of Fuzion applications.

Experience or interest in static code analysis or compiler implementation

Experience with existing compiler intermediate languages such as LLVM, Java byte-code, WebAssembly, GraalVM, etc. is a plus.

IDE Integration Engineer (f/m/*)

You will be responsible for the user experience of developers working with Fuzion using their favorite IDE. You will ensure a seamless integration of the Fuzion tools into development environments including Fuzion syntax and auto-complete functionality in the editors, a tight integration with the Fuzion library and compiler, support for source-level debugging, support for refactoring tools at IDE level and the integration of other tools such as static analyzers.

Experience with IDEs such as Visual Studio, Eclipse, IntelliJ, etc.

Test and Benchmark Engineer (f/m/*)

You will be responsible for developing and maintaining tests and benchmarks for the Fuzion language, ensuring the correctness of its implementation and the different back-ends as well as enabling comparison to other languages and their implementation. Since Fuzion is still a young language and the tools are in an early phase of development, this position would most likely start initially as a part-time position that will eventually grow into a QA team within Tokiwa.

Experience with CI/CD tools such as Jenkins, GitLab, etc.

What we offer (Applies for all jobs)

The chance to shape a new language and significantly contribute to its success.

A real startup company environment

A cool work environment.

The possibility to work from home.

A share option program is being defined

What you bring (Applies for all jobs)

Enthusiasm for programming languages

A proven background in computer science (e.g., BA/MA in computer science, mathematics, physics or related subject)

Interest or experience in functional as well well object-oriented programming paradigms

A great willingness to learn and apply new knowledge in your daily work

The ability to work independently and

The boldness to explore the excitement of strange new new worlds, uncharted civilizations, and exotic concepts.

You are excited about working on the new programming language Fuzion and want to make it a successful tool for software development?
Do not hesitate to apply:

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